Display custom fields in WordPress Gutenberg effortlessly

It supports custom fields for posts, terms, users, and global setting fields. It can be nested inside a Query Loop block. It works in the Block Editor and in the template file.

Why is MFB the best solution for displaying dynamic data?

Simple, lightweight, fast and easy to use.

It’s a single-block plugin. Just put MFB in the Block Editor, set a field name and it will do the rest.

Work with any kind of custom fields

Any field whose value can be displayed by the core API function is supported.

ACF custom fields

It supports most of ACF field types explicitly. You can use it instead of building custom blocks using ACF Block API.

Work with most themes

It is built to work in the Block Editor, and it works with any Gutenberg-ready theme.

Built using native API

It is built using native APIs making it stable and always get the best of Gutenberg.

Developer friendly

It provides hook APIs for developers to customize the output easily, or display any kind of content with it.

Loved by WordPress community

  • A must have for custom query with ACF & Gutenberg

    Thanks a lot for this great tool !

    Gregoire Noyelle
  • Very powerful

    This plugin has helped me so much. WordPress blocks don’t seem to support getting the POST ID inside of a query block. This plugin solves that for me and allows me to use php to modify the output to my liking.

    Squidy McSquid
  • Fixed a long-standing issue

    Fixed a long-standing issue, as I tried everything possible, shortcodes, template tags, JavaScript Fetch API and more 😀

  • Perfect for Block Themes

    Wish this would be in the core 🙂

    Pavel Ciorici
  • Great!

    Thank you:-)

  • useful, minimalistic

    Thank you, useful simple plugin.

  • Great plugin

    This is a wonderful plugin. Simple and effective. I needed some help from the author on how to use it in a single page setup (for a custom post type blog), and the author was amazing, helpful and quick.

  • Must have when using meta fields in Block Themes

    This makes live so much easier! Even more since we can use it in block templates too.

    Tibor Paulsch
  • I waited so long for this plugin

    Thank you so much!

  • Works great. Should be a core WordPress block!

    Easy to use with standard WordPress metadata. I used this nested inside a Query Block to display content from a custom post type.

    I think that you should mention the availability of the filter ‘meta_field_block_get_block_content’ in the Description of the plugin because the ability to modify the metadata before presentation is really useful.

    I had a similar requirement to format a date as given in your Support answer to “Format a Date Value” and that approach worked really well.

    Installing this block meant I could use a standard Query Loop instead of spending hours developing a custom block. Highly recommended!

  • Just perfect

    Solves so many problems

    Loïc Antignac
  • Very useful

    Perfect with gutenberg query loop block

  • Great plugin

    Used this plugin to enhance the Query Loop block and show some Advanced Custom Fields – it works great!

  • Really great plugin

    Finally I was able to display my ACF values where I needed them in the block theme, including in the Query loop block. Nothing else worked, like shortcodes or other plugins. Should be part of WordPress core. Great work!

  • Overcomes a FSE obstacle in customizing the Query Loop

    I spent several hours trying various ways to get a custom field to show up inside a query loop. The FSE query loop block does not expose the post ID – a serious oversight, in my humble opinion. Therefore, I could not get either my custom shortcode or custom block to work on my custom post archive page. This plugin solved the problem in less than 5 minutes, including installation time. Brilliant!

  • Simple but Works

    Tried this plugin to see if an option for adding custom fields (from ACF) to a Query Loop Block, since their shortcode still does not work properly in that usage. It seems to work OK. The options & formatting are pretty basic, but functional. You can add custom text before or after the field value, and it is wrapped in a separate DIV. So you should have enough formatting to style as needed.

  • Solves a problem

    This plugin is excellent. It solves a single problem and does it well. Now I can add fields created with Advanced Custom Fields to query loop blocks! This is going to save my clients so much backend development time.

  • Super easy way to display custom fields in templates!

    Super easy way to display custom fields in templates!

  • Superb plugin!

    Most wanted plugin for block themes!
    Allow you easy and fast output mete fields and ACF.
    php filters allow you modify output, which make possible do very complex things!

  • FSE Templates + ACF Fields

    Incredible that I couldn’t do that easily with ACF. Or maybe it’s hidden somewhere in their documentation?

    Anyway, I could do it very easily with your plugin, thanks a lot! 🙂

    Jordy Meow
  • This plugin saves a lot of time to implement ACF with Gutenberg

    With this plugin I was able to save hours to implement ACF in Gutenberg and the support response time from the developer was great.

    Carlos Silva
  • Great

    Excellent plugin!
    Simply add ACF fields
    Thank you for this great work

  • Perfect

    Works perfectly and easy to use

  • Excellent plugin!

    This is excellent plugin! Adding ACF fields has never been this easy using this plugin! great job!


MFB comes with a free and a paid version

To display simple data type fields for posts, terms, and users, you only need the free version of MFB. The paid version offers advanced features that can save you 90% of development time when displaying ACF complex field types.